The Clan of Embers Series

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Apostasy Cover“My face is an icon of the gods’ glory, yours is merely a vague reflection. That is what makes my kind superior to yours; the difference between human and Phenari.”

“That is a lie.”

Over three centuries ago, humans arrived on the planet of Phenar claiming to be divine. Now the subjected Phenari are a divided people.

Malthos, a clan chieftain who clings to the old ways, rallies his people to challenge the gods’ claims of immortality. His nephew, Tokara, is a young soldier devoted to the human god of war. Their beliefs cannot be reconciled.

But Tokara’s faith is soon tested and he finds himself tempted to commit the ultimate sin, Apostasy.

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Atonement Cover

“You will never be Chieftain.”

“I don’t care. You’ve failed this clan. I will be the one to make you pay for it. You will atone for every failure.”

Tokara’s life has changed forever. He has seen the truth: the gods are false, and even he has the power to topple them over. He is Garuzin, the godslayer, a beacon of hope to the Phenari rebels, now his people.

But they are still hunted. Master Fushi is more determined than ever to find Yusol’keji and extinguish them forever. He is dead set on doing Ren’s will, no matter the cost to himself or anyone else. He is on Malthos’s and Erithos’s trail, and he knows it.

Stability in the clan may not last long. Yusol’keji is at a crux, and it may not survive to see the end of the gods’ reign. Malthos knows how fragile his leadership is, but will the clan tear itself apart or be ripped to shreds by the gods themselves? And if it does, who will face Atonement for its destruction?

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